Our company was founded on twenty years' experience in the field of automatic entrances for various sectors.

The continuous development towards the 'hospital' sector the pursuit of perfection and determination have been the key factors in our growth and establishment as a leading company in hospital entrances.

In little more than 10 years, we have become an established player throughout the country with our Hospital Division brand.

Our added value is professionalism, following and advising our customers at all decision-making stages with
- an accurate analysis of the project layout;
- suggestions on the most suitable type of door depending on the actual need;
- on-site inspection;
- elaboration of technical drawings;
- quotation and delivery times.

Our working concept


In the design of a hermetic door, the inspection is the most important phase because it aims to obtain all the data necessary to achieve a design consistent with a perfect risk analysis.


Each door is manufactured in our factory, following a series of checks at each stage of the production process, right up to the final test to ensure a quality product.


Our technicians ensure excellent installation of each door, thanks to their training and professionalism.


After-sales service and maintenance of hospital doors are essential to ensure durability.

porta tenuta ermetica