Doors of passage

Hospital Division

Designed for departmental entrances.
45mm door profile

These types of doors are proposed in all those departmental access rooms, or in areas where controlled entry is to be ensured.

Doors of passage


For all the needs arising from the types of handling and aesthetic requirements in the various hospital environments, we have designed a series of doors that meet the needs according to what is required.
Entrance doors of hospital premises and wards, must ensure the security of closure, ease of use, safety for users and operators who pass through them, robustness and must fit perfectly into the architectural context where they are inserted.
The main characteristics required for doors in patient rooms, service rooms, and technical rooms in the hospital environment are: robustness, ease of use, and perfect fit in the scenario in which they are inserted.
For installations in operating rooms or in outpatient and radiology rooms where X-ray machines are used, doors can be provided with X-ray protection made mediate lead foil of 1.2 mm or greater and equivalent leaded glass visual.

Controlled departmental entrances

All entrances can be integrated with a badge-based access control system to restrict access to unauthorized personnel.


For entrances to offices, meeting rooms and any other reception rooms, we have designed an elegant door with rounded profiles.

Emergency exit

Doors can be certified as an emergency exit through two types: breakthrough or redundant panic exit.

Aluminium and plastic laminate

Using a 45 mm aluminium profile with rounded edges, we are able to produce sliding and manual doors in aluminium and HPL plastic laminate in a variety of colours. With this type of profile, we achieve a completely coplanar façade between the aluminium profile and the plastic laminate, which makes it easier to clean and avoids the accumulation of dirt.

Aluminium and glass

With the same type of aluminium profile, we can replace the plastic laminate with a sheet of laminated tempered glass.

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