Interior Doors

Hospital Division

Aluminium and laminate interior doors

We have designed a series of doors to meet all the needs arising from the types of handling and aesthetic requirements in the various hospital environments:

  • doors for hospital premises and wards entrances;
  • doors for patient rooms, technical rooms, services.

Doors for hospital premises and wards

The proposed windows and doors must be able to adapt to the required use and must be able to fit easily into different architectural environments.
To meet these requirements they can be made with aluminium, stainless steel or painted frames, or in glass only; the sash panels can be made of transparent or opaque glass, or of polycarbonate, or with layered panels with HPL or aluminium or steel finishes.

Door with antibacterial treatment  

Each door can be supplied with a certified antibacterial and antiviral treatment, 24 hours a day permanently against viruses and bacteria including COVID-19.

The treatment, featuring nanoparticles, involves the application of an invisible and permanent film over the entire door (panel, aluminium frame and handle)

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