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Entrances conceived and designed for hospitals

Hermetic doors are the ideal solution for ensuring complete control over the air and preventing the spread of pathogens and bacteria.

They are designed with high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology to offer maximum protection and safety.

Thanks to their hermetic closure system, these doors prevent the passage of air, dust, odours and noise from other areas, creating a controlled and safe environment for medical staff and patients.

Their installation is essential in high-risk areas, such as operating theatres, intensive care units and laboratories.

Hermetic Slides.

Aluminium and HPL laminate

Automatic or manual hermetic sliding

Stainless steel

Automatic or manual hermetic sliding

Aluminium and glass temp.

Automatic or manual hermetic sliding


Hermetically sealed doors are essential to prevent the spread of microorganisms, bacteria and viruses that could cause infection or contamination.
Hermetic doors are specially designed to create a physical barrier against the entry of pathogens into the hospital environment, thus protecting the health and wellbeing of all those working there.

The treatment, featuring nanoparticles, involves the application of an invisible and permanent film over the entire door (panel, aluminium frame and handle)




Hermetic doors are specially designed for hospitals and
hospitals and clinics, offering a number of benefits that help to ensure a safe and hygienic environment for patients and medical staff.

1 Highest protection from contamination

Thanks to the hermetic seal of our doors, the risk of cross-contamination between different areas of the hospital or clinic. This is particularly important in environments where the spread of pathogens can pose a threat
to the health of patients.

2 Control infections

Our hermetic doors help to effectively isolate infected areas effectively, limiting the spread of infection from one
room to another.
This helps maintain a clean and safe environment for all users in the healthcare institution.


3 Saving energy

Thanks to the hermetic seal of our doors, the
leakage of conditioned or heated air between rooms.
Significant energy savings and a reduction in digestion costs, allowing more to be invested in patient care and services.

4 Lower noise

Our airtight doors are designed to minimise
minimise noise transmission between different areas of the hospital or clinic.
This contributes to creating a quiet and relaxing environment for
patients, promoting their well-being and improved recovery.

5 Easy cleaning and maintenance

Our airtight doors are
made of durable materials that are easy to clean. 
This simplifies maintenance and regular cleaning, ensuring a longer service life and minimising the risk of accumulation of germs and bacteria.

The main features.  

Due to their sturdy construction and perfect fit to the frames, these doors prevent infected air from escaping from high-risk rooms, such as those of patients with contagious diseases or those requiring isolation. They also prevent the entry of contaminated air from outside, thus maintaining a sterile and safe environment.

Hermetically sealed doors are equipped with special gaskets that allow for an airtight seal, eliminating any cracks or spaces that could allow microorganisms to pass through. These gaskets are made of durable materials that are easy to clean, so as to ensure proper hygiene and disinfection of the doors themselves.

The use of airtight doors helps minimize the risk of nosocomial infections, i.e., those contracted inside healthcare facilities. This is of paramount importance especially in hospital settings, where the health of patients is the top priority.

They also offer several energy benefits. Due to their ability to retain air inside rooms, they help maintain a constant temperature and minimize heat loss. This results in significant energy savings and lower heating and air conditioning costs.


Each door is laser engraved with the number of theserial number and all the technical information in the booklet of the certifications, in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the standard EN16005.

A unique profile for every type ti door

We have developed a profile that can adapt to every type of door and finish.Thanks to the HOSPITAL60 profile, it will be possible to make the door in aluminum and laminate, stainless steel or glass, even in an ANTI-X version.

NO TOUCH Opening

Our doors are specially designed for hospitals and clinics that want total control over hygiene and security. Thanks to the new "NO TOUCH" sensors. , it will no longer be necessary to touch the door handles to open or close them. A simple movement of the body is enough to activate automatic opening, providing total protection against the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Automatic hermetic swing doors

In the hinged door, on the other hand, the airtight seal is ensured by the pressure of the gaskets on the perimeter 'casing.

The gasket, the same one used in the airtight sliding door, is applied by means of an interlocking system in the three sides of the door.In the lower part, however, a hydraulic bayonet gasket is applied.In closing, the gasket under the door will be activated by pressure from the two sensors on the outside.

Manual hermetic swing doors

Hermetic stainless steel door

The stainless steel door for airtight entry is free of corners and recesses to prevent dust accumulation and facilitate cleaning. It has a thickness of 60 mm, constructed with sandwich-type panels made of fireproof extruded polystyrene and an outer covering of sheet steel on both sides.It is supplied with the wall-covering casings with rounded corners, also made of stainless steel.

Aluminum hermetic doors

This type of door is made with an aluminum profile of our own design and coplanar plastic laminate panels, devoid of corners and recesses to prevent dust accumulation and to facilitate cleaning.The door is 60 mm thick consisting of an inner panel of extruded fire retardant polystyrene glued under press, inner frame of aluminum box and a panel of HPL laminate of different colors.

Choose the color you like best.

Fully customize the color of the door, from the panel to the perimeter aluminum profile.

HPL Panel
Aluminum profile
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