Technical equipment

Hospital Division

Stainless steel technical furniture for hospitals

We have developed a series of indispensable products for the hospital sector.
All technical furniture is made of stainless steel to guarantee maximum hygiene.

Stainless steel iron bars


The automatic iron gap is designed to ensure the passage of operating instruments from septic to aseptic areas.   It is completely safe, it opens and closes by pressing the LED is also equipped with 2 photocells placed on the lower part, to avoid accidental collisions when closing with staff.optional On request it can be made x-ray-proof, with a lead core and anti-radiation glass.


On request it is possible to make it anti-x, with a lead core and anti-radiation glass.


Each pass-through is designed and manufactured according to specific customer requirements, adapting to every situation. Our designers will always be at your disposal.

Main features
    Accident resistant glass

    Compact dimensions
    Anti X
    With interlocking system

Patient window

The new window for transferring patients without a transfer table is designed for use in the operating wards of clinics and hospitals that need to separate the septic area, outside the ward, from the aseptic area.

This ensures the transfer of the patient from one environment to the other while maintaining the operating department in an aseptic condition.

  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Safe thanks to two safety radars
  • Tempered glass
  • Fast and silent
  • Touch opening sensor


The window we propose is unique in the market. By eliminating the sliding plane, it allows us to have no space constraints, with a significant reduction in cost.

In addition to the redundant mechanical security built into the sliding system, the window is equipped as standard with 2 curtain sensors conforming to EN 16005.
In addition, it is equipped with 2 touchless Start sensors for opening control from both sides.
An electronic selector switch is installed on the inside of the unit to control the window functions, while on the outside there is a call button that operates a buzzer and flashing light.
A battery pack ensures operation even in the event of a power failure.


Thanks to its extremely compact dimensions, it can be placed in any space, even in corridors with limited movement area.

Touch-free opening

For improved hygiene, each of our products is operated with a touch sensor positioned coplanar to the wall.

Lavabo in acciaio inox

Il lavabo chirurgo per reparto operatorio è realizzato completamente in acciaio AISI 304.
Può essere completa di erogatore per sapone liquido con tecnologia a sfioramento, in maniera da garantire una massima igiene.

Viene fornito completo di fori e lavorazioni per il montaggio di rubinetti manuali o automatici, di valvole termostatiche e di erogatori di sapone.

  • Erogatore di sapone integrato - optional
  • Completamente realizzabile su misura
  • Azionamento manuale o automatico
  • Supporti per installazione a parete

Passasporco in acciaio inox

La passasporco è una delle soluzioni migliori per il trasferimento dei prodotti tra due locali di diversa classificazione, passandoli dal lato non sterile chiamato “lato sporco” alla zona sterile.

Viene realizzato completamente in acciaio e, secondo le esigenze, può essere fornito con singola o doppia anta.

Il sistema di interblocco è gestito da una centrale elettronica appositamente progettata che, con l’utilizzo di pulsanti a led e display lcd, permette l’uso del sistema in maniera facile ed intuitiva.

Chiusura interblocco

La chiusura dell'anta avviene tramite un magnete posto sulla parte superiore.

Dispay LCD

Grazie al nuovo display LCD sarà possibile visualizzare le informazioni sullo stato di funzionamento.

Facile da installare

La passasporco può essere installata anche da personale senza esperienza, in quanto arriverà già assemblata e  completa di tutti i collegamenti elettrici. 

porta tenuta ermetica