Technical equipment

Hospital Division

Stainless steel technical furniture for operating departments

We have developed a range of indispensable products for the hospital sector.

All technical furniture is made of stainless steel to ensure maximum hygiene.

Stainless steel iron bars


The automatic ironer has been designed to guarantee the passage of operating instruments from septic to aseptic areas.  

It is completely safe, opening and closing by pressing the LED button.

It is also equipped with two photocells on the lower part to prevent accidental collisions when closing with the operator.

Optional On request, it can be made anti-x, with a lead core and anti-radiation glass.


Each product is designed and manufactured according to specific customer requirements, adapting to every situation. Our designers will always be at your disposal.

Main characteristics
  • Automatic
  • Accident resistant glass
  • Compact dimensions
  • Anti X or interlocked
  • Made to measure
  • Anti-crushing

Patient Transfer

The new "patient transfer" without the transfer table is designed for use in the operating departments of clinics and hospitals that need to separate the septic area, outside the ward, from the aseptic area.

This ensures the transfer of the patient from one environment to another while maintaining the operating department in aseptic conditions.

  • Completely made of stainless steel
  • Safe thanks to two safety radars
  • Tempered glass
  • Fast and silent
  • Touchless opening sensor


The "patient transfer" proposed by us is unique in the market; by eliminating the translation plane it allows us to have no space constraints, with a significant reduction in cost.

In addition to the redundant mechanical safety built into the sliding system, the "patient transfer" is equipped as standard with 2 curtain sensors in compliance with Standard EN 16005.

In addition, it is equipped with 2 touchless Start sensors for opening control from both sides.
An electronic selector switch is installed on the inside of the ward to control the window functions, while on the outside there is a call button that operates a buzzer and flashing light.

A battery pack ensures operation even in the event of a power failure.


Thanks to its extremely compact size, it can be placed in any space, even in corridors with limited movement area.

Opens without touching it

To ensure better hygiene, each of our products is operated with a touch sensor positioned coplanar to the wall.

Stainless steel washbasin

The surgeon's basin for operating theatres is made entirely of AISI 304 steel.

It can be complete with a liquid soap dispenser with touch technology, in order to guarantee maximum hygiene.

It is supplied complete with holes and machining for the installation of manual or automatic taps, thermostatic valves and soap dispensers

  • Integrated soap dispenser - optional
  • Fully customisable
  • Manual or automatic operation
  • Supports for wall installation

Stainless steel dirt passes

The pass-through is one of the best solutions for transferring products between two rooms of different classifications, passing them from the non-sterile side called the "dirty side" to the sterile area.

The interlocking system is managed by a specially designed electronic control unit which, with the use of led buttons and lcd display, allows the use of the system in an easy and intuitive way.

Interlocking closure

The door is closed by a magnet on top.

LCD display

Thanks to the new LCD display, it will be possible to view information on the operating status.

Easy to install

The pass-through can also be installed by inexperienced personnel, as it will arrive already assembled and complete with all electrical connections.